Kobblestone Make Up a Dickensian Facade

June 27, 2012 by brennon

Kobblestone Miniatures are masters of terrain making, especially their buildings. Check out their latest product, a set of European Bookcase Buildings...

Bookcase Buildings with Sidewalk

Bookcase Building Single House

These buildings don't come with backs but are primarily for display purposes having all the detail reserved for the front. This means you can craft some interesting dioramas out of this terrain but also use it if this went flush against the board edge allowing you to fight within an area surrounded by these houses.

Bookcase Building Display

You can see a display using these houses above. If your talented enough with terrain you could always expand the back of these houses and make them into ruined structures allowing you to fight within them instead.

Something about them reminds me a lot of Discworld...

Would you pick up these houses?

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