Kromlech Invite Us Into A Wizard’s Workshop With New Terrain

February 25, 2022 by brennon

Kromlech has been showing off some fun new accessories for those looking to add a splash of magic to their Fantasy terrain. Delve into a Wizard's Workshop with this new collection of resin pieces.

Wizards Ben & Nightstand - Kromlech

Wizard's Bed & Nightstand // Kromlech

The collection, much like with the Dark Forest, offers up some amazing pieces that would be fantastic for those looking to build up an interesting collection of terrain for roleplaying games. You could use these to offer up some enticing options for adventures who have sticky fingers.

There is a LOT of awesome terrain in this collection that would be really fun for people to paint up. I love all the bits and bobs that have been added to these terrain pieces.

Workdesk With Chair - Kromlech

Workdesk With Chair // Kromlech

These would also work really well for those diving into games of Frostgrave and many other skirmish wargames. You could clutter up rooms and offer up a bit of cover as you try and take down whatever strange beast the Wizard has inadvertently awakened from a portal!

Here is a big rundown of the other terrain that they are going to be releasing soon...

Wizards Bookpiles - Kromlech

Wizard's Bookpiles // Kromlech

Wizards Bookshelf - Kromlech

Wizard's Bookshelf // Kromlech

Wizards Bookshelves - Kromlech

Wizard's Bookshelves // Kromlech

Workshop Chalkboard - Kromlech

Workshop Chalkboard // Kromlech

Workshop Closet - Kromlech

Workshop Closet // Kromlech

Broom Rack - Kromlech

Broom Rack // Kromlech

I was particularly taken with these pieces that popped up. I like to think that these are the beasts that the Wizard and their band of adventuring friends have slain on their quests throughout the land.

Fantasy Hunting Trophies - Kromlech

Fantasy Hunting Trophies // Kromlech

I also like that they could also be traps that the Wizard has introduced to their tower. Maybe the bear is just a bear but the other two could spray acid and fire at approaching thieves! I think that would be a fun trap to throw into the mix that could spook even the most learned Rogue!

All of this is going to be available separately (as you can see) OR as a big bundle of goodies if you prefer...

Wizards Workshop - Kromlech

Wizard's Workshop // Kromlech

This is a great set of releases for those looking to bulk out their Frostgrave tabletops with interesting scatter terrain. I really, really enjoy painting little books. So, I might have to get those bookshelves just for the sake of having them!

Are you going to be snapping these up when they get released?

"I really, really enjoy painting little books. So, I might have to get those bookshelves just for the sake of having them! "

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