Check Out Kromlech’s Transparent Resin Scenery & Xmas Teaser!

November 5, 2021 by brennon

Kromlech has been experimenting with transparent resin and has put together a bunch of fun releases for those wanting to add more scenery to their tabletop terrain. Icicles and Bottles are the name of the game!

Icicles & Bottles - Kromlech

Icicles & Bottles // Kromlech

There are three different sets of Icicles which come in Small, Medium and Large allowing you to create a frigid-looking environment on the tabletop. If you were seeking to put together a suitably wintery themed landscape then these would be very handy.

As you can see, they look great when attached to buildings to give you a sense of place. I think it makes things immediately colder just by looking at them!

Icicles Example - Kromlech

Icicles Example // Kromlech

You could imagine these hanging over the entrance to homes or perhaps a forgotten dungeon/cave that has since been overtaken by the ice. If you want something a bit different for your tavern tables and studies then you can also pick up three different sets of Bottles!

Bottles - Kromlech

Bottles // Kromlech

There are Human, Orc and Alchemical Bottles that would look fantastic when dropped onto tables and bookcases. I like the idea of making them interactive so if people are roleplaying, they know they can pick things like this up and throw them at their foes. It is well worth checking out the other options over on their webstore.

Christmas Miniature!

As well as the Icicles and Bottles, the folks at Kromlech also showed off their Christmas miniature that will be available throughout December.

Christmas Season Miniatures // Kromlech

The miniatures include Warchief Smasha Klaus, his trusty Christmas Gnaw and Rudolf. So, if you're seeking an Orky present for your pals then this might be worth snapping up!

Are you going to be picking up these Kromlech releases?

"I think it makes things immediately colder just by looking at them!"

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