Mantic Preview Modern Terrain Crate Kits To Decorate Battlefields

January 7, 2019 by brennon

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Mantic Games has been working away on some more Terrain Crate options for those looking to add to more modern tabletops. They will be going to Kickstarter with a range of different options for those looking to add to interiors and exteriors.

Gothic Manor - Mantic Games

One of the first sets they showed off was for the Gothic Manor which shows off the themes they're going for. You could see this being part of a post-apocalyptic game, perhaps the furniture of those now long turned, used as barricades and protection by survivors.

It would equally look good included as part of a Fresh manorhouse perhaps as your soldiers fight through it during World War II. It would certainly make for a different gaming space to what you're used to.

Next up we have their take on the modern Village Square.

Village Square - Mantic Games

This includes statues, market stands and of course if you're going to be re-creating Blighty on the tabletop you need a red phone box. The terrain you see here will be included in a set of four different themed boxes that you can pledge for, each with a modern twist to it but fitting to a variety of different centuries.

The Modern Camp for example down below would be perfect for those looking to play Walking Dead, or just re-create Glastonbury...

Modern Camp - Mantic Games

The sets are looking good and from all accounts, if you're looking to put together a quick and easy battlefield these are well worth the time. They will most likely come in a coloured plastic as the other sets have, so all you really need to do is potentially give them a shade or a quick spray, perhaps a lick and paint and they're done.

Will you be backing their new Kickstarter?

"The Modern Camp would be perfect for those looking to play Walking Dead, or just re-create Glastonbury..."

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