New Miniature Wargaming Urban Terrain System on Kickstarter

July 2, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Building 1

If you are on the market for city terrain for your tabletop, there's a  new terrain system available on Kickstarter now by Stephen Highlen to answer your call. The Miniature Wargaming Urban Terrain System, offers an interesting set of terrain options for your urban themed tabletop. The terrain scales best for 25mm-32mm and has a three different buildings in different sizes, sidewalks, stairs and streets available to set your scene into action.


They have a couple of neat stretch goals set as well, including a gas station and the Hope Hospital.

gas station

The buildings have that "run down" look to them, which depending on how you paint them, could work nicely with a variety of tabletop games. At first glance, to me, they say "Zombie."

Hope Hospital

Would this terrain give your table the "urban" feeling you are going for?

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