Finish Your Miniatures With Kromlech’s New Base Toppers

June 21, 2022 by brennon

Kromlech has put together a brand new set of Base Toppers that can be used to make your miniatures pop a little! There are some great options here that would work for games across all genres, from Fantasy to Sci-Fi and maybe even a little bit of Steampunk.

Base Toppers - Kromlech

Base Toppers // Kromlech

The different Base Toppers break down as such. You are going to be able to explore the ancient worlds of the Sindari or perhaps delve into a realm of Dark Technology.

Sindari Base Toppers - Kromlech

Sindari Base Toppers // Kromlech

You also have the chance to wander through echoing Cathedrals that were built on the backs of millions of the dead, or run through Cobblestone streets chasing down your quarry.

Cathedral Base Toppers - Kromlech

Cathedral Base Toppers // Kromlech

Beyond that, you can venture into a Hi-Tech world where machines are more common than flesh and blood humans. Capping things off, you then have Town Streets and you might even want to set things up for a City Fight.

T-Tech Base Toppers - Kromlech

Hi-Tech Base Toppers // Kromlech

All of the Base Toppers come in a variety of different sizes. There are options on oval bases that could be used for vehicles and artillery pieces. You'll find larger bases that suit characters and also standard sets that could be dropped in alongside regular troops.

The range covers two pages and is pretty exhaustive. If you like one of these designs then you should be able to find some neat bases for your collection. As a fun little detail, all of these are actually laser cut from HDF so they come in at a decent price point over something like resin.

Are you going to be snapping these up?

"As a fun little detail, all of these are actually laser cut from HDF..."

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