Check out the Low Fortification Dugouts from Micro Art Studio

July 13, 2010 by lloyd

If you need some seriously nice fortification for you gaming table I wouldn’t look past what Micro Art Studio have been producing lately. This new range of Hardfoam Terrain is really starting to shine.

Low Fortification Dugout 2

Low Fortification Dugout 1
Not only does the range look cool it’s also dam tough, as it’s made from a hardfoam that’s not going to break anytime soon. In-fact the stress testing regime consists of stamping all over the range with some BIG ARMY BOOTS (check this out).

There’s two Dugouts to choose from on their site, I’m not sure if they will be adding more but I say yes please! My favorite is definitely Dugout 2, I love the mix of walls and sand bags, it gives a sense of an ongoing battle ranging all around it.

Here’s a link to their store.

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