New Chem Zone Terrain Now Available From GameMat.Eu

July 7, 2018 by brennon

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GameMat.Eu has a new set of completely pre-painted terrain for you to bring to the tabletop. To fit in with their Chem Zone line of mats they have designed some appropriate terrain...

Chem Zone Terrain Set #1 - GameMat.Eu

The terrain comes, just as you see it here, ready to play with out of the box. It breaks down into a number of different sets including...

  • Conduits Set -8x pieces of various pipes, 4x pipe crossroads, 4x endings, 4x broken endings
  • Gas-Tanks - 1x Large Gas Tank 1x Small Gas Tank 1x Toxic Gas Tank 1x Exploded Gas Tank
  • Scatter Set - 2x Control Panels, 10x barrels and 10x ammo boxes
  • Containers Set - 4x containers

...and each of them can be snagged over on their webstore right HERE.

Chem Zone Terrain Set #2 - GameMat.Eu

I think this stuff looks ripe to be used in something like Deadzone. You could imagine the Veer-Myn hanging around a place like this, and that's not just because everything is bright yellow!

So, if you're looking for some terrain which works well for the likes of Deadzone as mentioned above or maybe even Necromunda deep down in the midst of a Hive City, then this might be worth taking a peek at.

What do you think?

"I think this stuff looks ripe to be used in something like Deadzone..."

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