New Historical Terrain Set Releases From TTCombat

May 13, 2021 by fcostin

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Every Friday, a new release excitedly rears its head over at TTCombat. With the new releases of the miniatures that gearing up to join Rumbleslam, TTCombat has also released some brand new MDF Terrain for ya'll historical wargamers to add to your battlefield with the World War range, along with new USSR Industrial sets.

The Ruined Offices // TT Combat

The new Ruined Offices set contains four buildings in seven pieces to add to your tabletop. Of course, being MDF, they can be built with all the destruction you have in mind. Considering that this epic terrain set comes in so many different pieces, there is limitless opportunities to build chaos within.

Ruined Factory // TTCombat

The second set from the World War range brings the Ruined Factory. This set provides two stories worth of space along with multiple areas to support cover and of course, destruction on your behalf. Place this alongside your Ruined Offices set, and you could be well on your way for a dystopian or apocalyptic table.

Coal Elevator // TTCombat

If you thought the buildings alongside the Ruined factories were huge, feast your eyes on the Coal Elevator. There are so many different options you could take with this huge terrain set atop of your table. The fact that these sets come in multiple pieces, there is always cover prepared for you and your armies: whether you want to stay hidden behind the barrels or hidden in plain sight at the very top.

Factory Crane // TTCombat

The Factory Crane may not be as tall as the Coal Elevator, but there sure is plenty of opportunity for a sniper to make a fine nest indeed at the top. Working as a perfect base to scope out the rest of your table, an RPG and or Machine Gun unit would find themselves in a great perspective to oversee incoming fire.

Water Storage Tanks Set // TTCombat

Finally the last set made available on Friday was the Water Storage Tanks. These can work as fantastic scatter to your table, along with providing great waypoints for your armies to progress forward - whilst avoiding enemy fire.

Although these sets are built for the USSR Industrial and World War Ranges, these terrain kits would look perfect on top of any tabletop awaiting city-fuelled war. Along with that, the TTCombat terrain kits are extremely reasonably priced, with all of these sets individually ranging from £12 to £22.

What is your favourite new TTCombat terrain release? I think I would have a great time painting the Ruined Offices.

"These terrain kits would look perfect on top of any tabletop awaiting city-fuelled war..."

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