New Infinity Terrain Dropping This Week From TTCombat

July 13, 2019 by brennon

TTCombat is dropping some new Infinity terrain this week. They are focusing on four new sets but we got a peek at two of them yesterday.

Infinity Plaza - TTCombat

The first of these is the Plaza which would work as a good focal point for your fights during games of Infinity. The central structure, crafted out of plastic, looks like a good thing to try and hack! I think the big open space might be a little easy for ARO so maybe you should drop some scatter terrain into the mix.

As well as the Plaza we also have the Tri Walkway which is perfect for some elevated gameplay.

Infinity Tri Walkway - TTCombat

This can then be added to with additional walkways or staircases. I think elevated terrain is key for those playing Infinity as it creates more dynamic gameplay when you get stuck into it.

Do you think you'll be snapping these up for use in Infinity?

"Do you think you'll be snapping these up for use in Infinity?"

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