New Laser Towers & Cargo Crates Drop From Micro Art Studio

August 14, 2018 by brennon

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Micro Art Studio has a few new products in their collection this month for those that play Star Wars: Legion. The first of these is a new set of Laser Towers which you can set up as defences on a snowy world perhaps.

SWL Laser Towers - Micro Art Studio

The Laser Towers set gives you two of them (unpainted) to use in your games. It shouldn't be hard to get these tabletop ready either with an undercoat and then a wash to make them look dirty and well used. The material used to create them is resin rather than their hard foam so it's a little harder wearing too.

Sticking with resin we also have the Cargo Crates set which will provide you with some cover on the tabletop but also perhaps some objective markers for your games too.

SWL Cargo Crates - Micro Art Studio

The finish on these is awesome and I love how clean they look. Admittedly I'd imagine the paint scheme has something to do with that but these would be perfect for Star Wars: Legion and a lot of other Sci-Fi games too. I could see these fitting into the aesthetic of Infinity for example.

Say It With Tokens

As well as the terrain options the team at Micro Art has also been working on a set of Star Wars: Legion Tokens if you want to replace the cardboard with something a bit tougher!

SWL Token Starter Set - Micro Art Studio

The set gives you a bit of everything to use for wound markers, objectives, activation tokens and more. All of it is laser-cut acrylic and finely detailed so that they pop when they are down on the tabletop.

I think it's pretty much agiven that if you collect a game which uses cardboard tokens that you eventually upgrade them, especially if you play the game regularly.

All of them are available as separate packs HERE as well if you need more of one kind of token.

Will you be snapping up these Star Wars related releases?

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