New Post-Apocalyptic Terrain Landing Soon From PlastCraft Games!

July 27, 2018 by brennon

PlastCraft Games has given us a preview of some of the new Post-Apocalyptic ColorED Terrain which is coming out soon. This stuff is perfect for all of your games set in the wasteland like Fallout: Wasteland Warfare or Dark Age.

Wrecked Ship - PlastCraft Games

One of the massive pieces that is coming your way is this insanely huge wrecked ship which, as you can see by the miniatures, is absolutely huge. There's plenty of space to play on top of, around, and indeed inside this.

It can be resized depending on whether or not you want it to be a massive ship like this or a smaller boat that could be used to fill an entire harbour.

Wrecked Boat - PlastCraft Games

There is even an option to have the Cargo Crane removed from the ship so that you can use it on its own as part of a dockyard perhaps.

Cargo Crane - PlastCraft Games

As well as the Wrecked Boat that you see above, which also has a very cool Tomb Raider/Uncharted vibe to it as well, you also have this crashed aeroplane which has been left to fall apart in the desert.

Plane Wreckage - PlastCraft Games

All of this helps to start developing a narrative on your tabletop and gives you interesting options when it comes to the scenarios you build. For example, there's no reason that plane has to be out in the wasteland.

It could have crashlanded down into a jungle so you could cover it in vines and have your adventurers trying to free themselves from the wreckage and find survivors. Very Lost!

Road Warrior!

As well as these larger pieces they have also done some that give you an idea of the world that was. I really like these big road/bridge sections.

Wrecked Road #1 - PlastCraft Games

Each of these pieces comes separately, just like with the ship, allowing you to have them standing as final monuments to the days of yore, or connect them together to create something more everlasting.

Wrecked Road #2 - PlastCraft Games

I like the idea of using these in something not quite as disastrous as the Fallout wasteland but instead in something like The Walking Dead where the roads have collapsed but you still have the skeleton of society around it, with buildings and such right next to them. You'd then have some great chances to create vertical playgrounds.

Wrecked Road #3 - PlastCraft Games

The options are endless for this terrain and I can't wait to see what people do with this as they get their hands on it.

As a reminder; the ColorED terrain is all completely pre-coloured so all you need to do is crack it out of the box, assemble it, and you are good to go. They use a lot of plasticard elements as well as MDF for elements like railings and such to give them more options when it comes to textures.

Will you be snapping these pieces up?

"You'd then have some great chances to create vertical playgrounds..."

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