Otherworld’s New Death Knight Defends A Dark Dungeon

August 13, 2018 by brennon

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Otherworld Miniatures have released a new set of miniatures for your dungeon delving. Leading the way is a new version of their Death Knight!

Death Knight - Otherworld Miniatures

I think this model might have to end up in my collection simply by virtue of how awesome he is. I love the ancient armour, the power stance with a clenched fist, and glowing runic sword which was no doubt buried with him.

This chap gives me vibes of those old-school Dungeons & Dragons adventures where dungeons are populated by creepy necromancers and the shambling undead.

Sewer Dwellers

Leaping out from the sewers to hunt down your heroes in the streets we have two new Wererat releases as well from the folks at Otherworld.

Wererat I - Otherworld Miniatures

Above you can see the snarling Wererat I and the second, Wererat II (funnily enough) is below.

Wererat II - Otherworld Miniatures

I think of the two here I prefer the first one but the second might be a good matriarch for a brood of rats. You could imagine swarms of rats flooding down the streets and trying their best to stop your heroes finding their way into the sewers where you are hell-bent on cutting down this particular monster.

Magical Fire

Brewing up a magical fire and perhaps offering some conundrums for your players we also have this Efreeti.

Efreeti - Otherworld Miniatures

Summoned from another plane of existence this Efreeti could appear before your players and offer them a bargain of some kind. If they choose to do as he says then maybe he will grant them a great boon. If they defy him they might end up in a deadly battle.


As well as all of these creatures we also have some new terrain for your dungeons as well. Both Small Treasure Chests I and Small Treasure Chests II are now available as a lovely reward for your heroes once they have battled through the horrors of your dungeon.

Treasure Chests I - Otherworld Miniatures

I actually take a slight about of glee from painting up chests full of gold and such. I love working on them as something a little different and these kind of objectives are much better than little plastic markers or glass beads.

Treasure Chests II - Otherworld Miniatures

Make sure to check out the rest of the Otherworld collection as they offer up a great way for you to delve into role-playing games with a wealth of characterful miniatures.

What do you think of these new options?

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