Step Into PWORK Paper Wargames’ Future Combat Plaza

September 7, 2016 by dracs

PWORK Paper Wargames have a new terrain mat available that will either set your battles in the far future or an Apple store. Step out into the Combat Plaza.

Combat Plaza

The Combat Arena itself looks like the inside of a computer. Who can tell what sort of damage a fight here could cause. Personally, I could see this being a good base for the ALEPH of Infinity.

Combat Plaza Detail

Combat Plaza 90cm

The mat is available on PVC or synthetic cloth and in either 90x90cm or 120x120cm, making this a good set up for both large and small scale games. It would be cool to see what it looks like with terrain on it.

what game setting would you use these mats for?

"The Combat Arena itself looks like the inside of a computer..."

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