PlastCraft Games’ Japanese Village Kensei Terrain Now Available

November 24, 2015 by brennon

PlastCraft Games have now released their new Designed For Kensei range of terrain which includes a whole range of normal buildings as well as more important focal points and wooden structures...

Village Life

First off we have a look at both the Feudal Dwelling Set and the Stables which you can use to create a little settlement where the peasants can live.

Fuedal Dwelling Set


I would imagine that these buildings are for the people who tend to the monks needs up at the Dojo that we'll be seeing later. I haven't mentioned this already but this is part of their ColorED range which means that it's all ready to go once you've assembled it.

Training Time

Now we have the big Dojo building that will prove to be the focal point for this set. I could see bandits racing towards this to burn it, paid off by a rival Shogun to get rid of these meddlesome warriors.


I love the contrast between the bright red and the plain white of the main building. I think this will make for a really striking tabletop.

Shrines & More

Last but not least we have a look at some of their additional wooden structures which will then embellish the tabletop to make it more 'Japanese'. See what you think of the Pagoda, Shrine Gate plus the Torii & Bridge...


Shrine Gate

It's always good to see structures like this which add more flavour to the tabletop environment. The Shrine Gate is particularly impressive and as I mentioned when we previewed these I would love to see this as part of a Japanese Yazuka stronghold in a more modern setting.

Torii & Bridge

We also don't have enough bridges and rivers to cross in games. Thankfully the folks at PlastCraft have supplied a bridge and you could pick up a few of these packs to help make a great tabletop with lots of chock points.

What do you think of the range?

"...but this is part of their ColorED range which means that it's all ready to go once you've assembled it"

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