PlastCraft Show Off The First Wave Of Malifaux Terrain!

October 27, 2014 by brennon

PlastCraft Games have shown off some more detail shots on the first wave of Malifaux Terrain. This shows you exactly what you'll be getting from that amazing display we showed off last week...

Tall House


First up we have two of the big houses that you'll be getting for the tabletop. I like that they have access ways on the second piece so you can get elevated and change the game up to be a little more dynamic. The first house is great too and I'd obviously have some rule about being able to sit up in that top section of the roof!

Bridge Section


Talking of elevation the Bridges and Walkway sections would be perfect for that. I love the idea of clambering over things and of course pushing people off high ledges too! Always fun to see someone tumble to their death. The arches are also aching to be put over a river of sludge filled sewer so get working on that!


Crates & Scatter


There's also plenty of scatter terrain to help break up those lines of sight and of course force the action into close quarters. It also makes the world look a lot more lived in (or died in if you think about the Graveyard!). I think the Graveyard is certainly the best of the bunch here and it would be awesome to see someone make a massive section of board up like this with a big church and just have the fight take place there.

I would say that you could use this terrain away from Malifaux too. It would work well for most Steampunk, Pulp and even some Historical games!

What do you think?

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