Pre-Order & Battle Over Warcradle’s Promethean Complex Set

November 8, 2021 by brennon

Warcradle Scenics has offered up a great new terrain kit for you to play around with in various games this month. The Promethean Complex Set is a hefty kit that comes in 35mm but should work for those playing with miniatures at 28mm and 32mm too.

Promethean Complex - Warcradle Scenics NOV

Promethean Complex // Warcradle Scenics

Here is some of the background about this particular set of terrain...

"The Peers of the Covenant of the Enlightened often perform elaborate and sometimes dangerous experiments using the most powerful technologies known to humanity. In order to ensure that they have all the assets required for such work they typically create labyrinthine and eccentric laboratories for themselves. It is not without some irony that these sprawling structures have been collectively named Promethean Complexes. Each complex is fully self-sufficient, using its own power source, fuel and other consumables, whatever they might be. More often than not, in order to contain explosions and noise as well as retaining complete anonymity and secrecy, they build on existing mineworks or new excavations to be contained largely underground, with esoteric and blunt looking iron and steel structures jutting out across the surface forming into a small estate or settlement."

If you're looking for a new landscape to play out your games of Wild West Exodus, perhaps with the Showdown At Retribution Starter Set, this might be a good shout! You get enough here in the set to pack a board full of interesting terrain.

The set gives you a Refinery, Derrick, Forge, Walkways, Crane Tower and two Mine Entrances. All of the terrain is pre-coloured and crafted out of MDF so all you need to do is bosh it together and you're good to go!

Refinery - Warcradle Scenics

Refinery // Warcradle Scenics

The thing that I particularly liked about this set is that it offers up a set of terrain that gives you narrative/scenario-based options and also height. You could imagine your characters battling up those different levels of the Refinery, each trying to push the other to their doom.

Walkways & Crane Tower - Warcradle Scenics

Walkways & Crane Tower // Warcradle Scenics

You can also see how this terrain might be used as an interactive element of the gaming table. Maybe one of the factions is trying to keep all of these machines running whilst the other is looking to smash them to pieces. Suddenly, you have to decide where you're looking to commit your forces at each moment of the game.

The Forge, for example, looks like a place where someone has to drop an explosive or two. That could be the ultimate goal!

Forge - Warcradle Scenics

Forge // Warcradle Scenics

As well as being useful for games of Wild West Exodus, this set also fits into a myriad of other settings too. It would work for a variety of Pulp/Horror/Steampunk games out there but it would also suit something Sci-Fi too.

Derrick - Warcradle Scenics

Derrick // Warcradle Scenics

I could see this being the site of an Imperium industrial complex where the forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus are seeking to draw resources out of the earth. This seems like a perfect place for an Ork raid to take place, storming down onto the planet to take what the humies have gathered.

Equally, these Mine Entrances (below) could work as spawning points for lots of enemies as they flood onto the battle. Imagine if scores and scores of Tyranids and Genestealer Cultists suddenly appeared from them!

Mine Entrances - Warcradle Scenics

Mine Entrances // Warcradle Scenics

A great, fun set of terrain that suits all manner of different games but also helps those looking to expand their Wild West Exodus collection. You've still got plenty of time to get your pre-orders in ahead of its release at the end of November.

What do you make of the Promethean Complex Set?

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"You've still got plenty of time to get your pre-orders in ahead of its release at the end of November..."

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