Pre-Orders Open For Beautiful Hagglethorn Hollow Terrain

February 11, 2019 by brennon

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Tabletop Troubadour Games are opening up Pre-Orders for those that missed out on the Hagglethorn Hollow terrain which was up on Kickstarter last year. The range is beautiful and hand-sculpting giving it all a perfect Fantasy feel.

Hagglethorn Hollow - Tabletop Troubadour

The range was sculpted by the fantastic Johnny Fraser-Allen and you can actually go and check out more of our chats with him about the range and sculpting in general as part of an interview we did HERE and also a video HERE.

The collection is a little on the pricey side but it's still a wonderful collection for someone wanting to create a tabletop which features 'generic' terrain which could be used across a range of different Fantasy games.

Tower - Tabletop Troubadour

There are options to buy either single buildings, additional levels for existing buildings or just grab the entire collection if you prefer. I love that the collection comes apart so you can play through it all with your characters and the team genuinely are gamers so they know that usability is key.

Cottage - Tabletop Troubadour

Some of the unlocked terrain pieces were also thrown into the mix for those looking to snag a pre-order too including the Totems, Statues and some additional buildings that weren't finished at the time of the Kickstarter.

Everything here is oozing with character and I would love to be able to give this all a home on my own tabletop. Maybe something for the future!

Did you go in for some of this terrain yourself?

"Did you go in for some of this terrain yourself?"

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