Printable Scenery Kickstart New Shadowfey Fantasy Terrain!

November 13, 2020 by brennon

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Printable Scenery is back on Kickstarter funding more of their awesome 3D Printable terrain for you to use in your tabletop games. This time around, they are exploring the terrifying Shadowfey and adventuring throughout its ruins and wildlands.

Shadowfey - Printable Scenery

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The terrain here has been designed to give you the look and feel of a lost and broken part of the world. Here you've got ramshackle buildings, twisted trees and gnarled roots which all come together to create a tabletop which is suitably eerie!

Exploring The Shadowfey Ruins

First up, we have said Ruins which come with all manner of interesting buildings and scatter terrain options. With this set, you get the Squatter Townhouse, Hermit's Tower, Rickety Lodgings, Rope Bridges, Roads of Ruin, Bridge Span, and Impaled Skeletons.

Shadowfey Ruins - Printable Scenery

Shadowfey Ruins // Printable Scenery

This produces a range of terrain which would be absolutely fantastic for the likes of Rangers Of Shadow Deep or Frostgrave if you decided to cover things in a layer of snow! The buildings are multi-level and nicely modular too allowing you to build larger and smaller buildings to suit your tabletop.

I also like that you get extra bits and pieces like the Rope Bridge and Roads Of Ruin which are a neat way to help build character into your terrain set-up. If Mordheim was still a thing then these would be superb for creating that city of the lost and the damned.

Venturing Beyond The Ruins

As well as the Ruins you can also venture deep into the Wilds of the Shadowfey as well to see what strange things lie beyond the relative safety of the town.

Shadowfey Wilds - Printable Scenery

Shadowfey Wilds // Printable Scenery

In this particular set, we've got a few more pieces of scatter terrain and such with the Shadow Gate, Contorted Trees, Forest Tracks, Corpse Giant, Corpse Piles, Traveler's Camp, and Jagged Rock Scatter. This is what you can use to build in and around your Ruins too, making it look like nature has tried really hard to work its way back into the place people used to call home.

Epic Giants!

As well as the terrain which is being worked into this campaign you've also got some epic Add-Ons for those who fancy trying their hand at printing and painting something monstrous. Here we have three different types of Giant!

Giants - Printable Scenery

Giants // Printable Scenery

These are some ace looking Giants which could be used across all manner of different Fantasy games. I think they would be a really good option for those planning to dive into games like Oathmark or Kings Of War for example.

Shadowfey Stretch Goals

It also wouldn't be a Printable Scenery Kickstarter without the addition of loads of Stretch Goals which have already been unlocked. Here is a selection of some of my favourites.

20K Bell Tower & Sept - Printable Scenery

Bell Tower & Sept // Printable Scenery

45K Titan Skull Cave - Printable Scenery

Titan Skull Cave // Printable Scenery

77K Gloomy Gully - Printable Scenery

Gloomy Gully // Printable Scenery

This provides you with more fascinating pieces which can be used to help add character into your collection. It also makes for really fun scenario designing exercises too. You could be ambushed in the Gloomy Gully, battle a Giant and the Titan Skull Cave or seek our an old master of magic in the Bell Tower.

This is a great looking Kickstarter and we've really loved what Printable Scenery have done in the past. One imagines they have done just as good a job here too!

Are you tempted by this Kickstarter?

"This provides you with more fascinating pieces which can be used to help add character into your collection..."

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