Battle Through PWork Wargames’ Medieval Lost Burg

April 1, 2019 by brennon

PWork Wargames have put together a new terrain kit for you to use when clashing in both your Historical and Fantasy games. The Medieval Lost Burg set can be snapped up from their webstore now.

Medieval Lost Burg #1 - PWork Wargames

This set contains five different MDF ruin pieces which can be assembled to create a wartorn landscape where invading armies and monstrous foes have been battling. The elements they've worked on here look like they'd be good for plenty of skirmish games, especially the larger ruined house with multiple different floors.

Medieval Lost Burg #2 - PWork Wargames

If you're looking to design some dynamic arenas to fight in this would be a good shout. Verticality is always something we're looking for in games and this provides that. I particularly like that they've included options like the ladder and cracked tiles/floorboards for you to help add another dimension to the kit.

Medieval Lost Burg #3 - PWork Wargames

Whilst these aren't extremely detailed pieces they do offer you a quick and easy way to add terrain onto the tabletop. If you broke out the spray cans and started work on each of the different elements you'd have these done in no time. Maybe you could add a bit of weathering over the top to make them feel less like wooden blocks and then build up the basing elements as well to suit your board of choice.

A quick and clean addition to your terrain collection perhaps?

"Verticality is always something we're looking for in games..."

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