Recreate The Terrain Of World War I With Battlefield In A Box

October 6, 2014 by brennon

As well as all the big guns coming to Flames of War Battlefield in a Box have also been showing off the terrain that you'll no doubt be carving into the earth when all those explosions go off. See what you think of these sets...

Trenchline System

The first big box is the Trenchline System that comes with eight sections of trench works with different shapes allowing you to create a vast network across the battlefield to hopefully keep your men safe. As with everything from Battlefield in a Box its all pre-painted so it just needs flocking!

Shattered Battlefield

Large Craters & Ruined House

The other two sets include both the Shattered Battlefield and the Large Craters with Ruined House. The main draw of the Shattered Battlefield is to give you some more area terrain including a destroyed forest, muddy ground to get bogged down in and some big terrain bases for mounting it on if needs be.

Last but not least is the big explosion craters and ruined buildings that were no doubt hit by something massive. Not only will they be a problem for tanks but they might end up giving your plucky troops that bit of extra cover as they run across No-Mans Land.

As well as being useful for World War I the second and third set would be great for World War II as well I reckon.

Will you be grabbing this terrain?