Sarissa Precision Find Safety In New Roman Mile Fort

September 3, 2019 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision are watching the borders of their lands with a new Roman Mile Fort terrain kit, perfect for situating in the far North as nervous soldiers keep an eye out for invading Picts.

Mile Fort Tower Gate - Sarissa Precision

The new Mile Fort set is made up of a few different individual elements. You have the Mile Fort Tower Gate above which would serve as the entry point that faced out across the vast expanse you've hopefully cleared around the fort. This is then joined by the likes of the Mill Fort Postern Gate...

Mill Fort Postern Gate - Sarissa Precision

...and a selection of different Wall Sections which can be used to build up the larger expanse of the Mile Fort and the surrounding fortification as well.

Mile Fort Wall Section - Sarissa Precision

The design of the Mill Fort was one that the Roman used quite a lot and is most recognisable when looking at Hadrian's Wall here in Britain. Originally they would have been made of stacked up earth and palisade walls but as things became more permenant they would have been upgraded to stone as you see here.

Mile Fort Corner Wall - Sarissa Precision

Manned by somewhere between twenty and thirty auxiliary, they were a small way to hold out against the enemy beyond and also a vital link for those passing across the border. In gameplay terms, this might make it a great place for you to stage an ambush. Maybe your Pictish forces have managed to find a chink in the armour and weasel their way inside so a scuffle breaks out?

Perhaps you want to turn this into a larger siege and have a vast army trying to overwhelm the beleaguered defenders? It could make for a good asymmetrical scenario.

What do you make of this new Roman Mile Fort?

"Perhaps you want to turn this into a larger siege and have a vast army trying to overwhelm the beleaguered defenders?"

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