Sarissa Precision Set Up Tabletops With New Terrain Tiles

June 3, 2019 by brennon

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Sarissa Precision has been showing off some new options for people who don't have quite a lot of space to store their wargaming accessories. These new Terrain Tiles are interlocking and can be assembled in a variety of different ways.

Terrain Tile System #1 - Sarissa Precision

These sets come in an array of different arrays, each with a range of both larger and smaller tiles. They can then be set together to create locations like you can see above. True, they don't actually have any terrain on them, but they allow you to create some quick and easy tabletops which can be put together differently each time you play.

Terrain Tile System #2 - Sarissa Precision

When we talked to Sarissa Precision at UK Games Expo this year they said that these would be great for people playing a lot of the skirmish games out there, or you could potentially make something more generic and then simply add a few iconic points of interest.

Terrain Tile System #3 - Sarissa Precision

I really like the idea of these. I think they'd be perfect for those for whom space is a real premium. You could simply stack these tiles away in a box and you'd be sorted until you next need to play.

In addition to the tilesets, Sarissa Precision has also created a set of leaflets which give you some ideas as to how you might want to use these tiles.

Terrain Tile System #4 - Sarissa Precision

Will you be picking these up?

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"Will you be picking these up?"

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