Community Spotlight: Scatter Terrain Challenge Finalists

September 30, 2016 by lancorz

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We're focusing in on some of the amazing work you folks did when it came to the Scatter Terrain Challenge we ran. While we've already announced the winners we're taking a look at the other finalists who all get themselves a golden button!

Without further ado let's check out some more of your brilliant terrain.

Dead Bodies by zombieking

The first set of crazy scatter terrain we're going to be looking at is this mass of bodies that zombieking was working on!

Dead Bodies by zombieking

These are utterly crazy and could be assembled in all manner of interesting ways. You can check out his PLog for more of his work but as you can see he's made bags of the dead!

What we liked about this was that he came up with something that adds a real sense of narrative to the tabletop.

Changeable Scatter Terrain by slarty

Next up we have some terrain which would be useful for all of us who end up changing our mind when it comes to our tabletops. Plugging in new bits and pieces like this allows you to change things to fit the scenario you want to play out.

Changeable Scatter Terrain by slarty

Slarty created all manner of pieces of terrain which could be used separately or as part of a larger terrain feature like this hill.

Changeable Scatter Terrain by slarty (Example)

As well as being useful as terrain these would also be great as objective markers when you're playing your Fantasy and Historical games like SAGA for example.

MDF Bitz & Pieces by tomd

Playing around with bits of MDF tomd was able to create some nice pieces of terrain like this office set up which would look great as part of a larger urban setting.

Birts & Pieces by tomd

Continuing to add all manner of narrative pieces to the tabletop these MDF pieces were used to create a pair of filing cabinets as well as a computer desk. With a bit of painting this would make for a really nice piece.

You could then toss them around the place if you wanted to create a ransacked scene too.

Scattered Snow by bothi

Bothi was able to tell a bit of a story with his terrain as he created these Scattered Snow pieces for use in your World War II games.

Scattered Snow Terrain by bothi

We talk about terrain telling a story and this is what this did. Using all manner of interesting elements like snow drifts, rocky outcrops and bushes you can give yourself a fun battlefield to explore.

Snow is an amazing landscape to explore when it comes to building a battlefield, promoting interesting techniques and a stark contrast to your soldiers, and it's nice to see a set of terrain focused around The Battle of the Bulge.

Medieval/Fantasy Terrain by mruk

Mruk built up quite the fascinating array of different terrain pieces for both your Fantasy and Medieval tabletops.

Medieval Scatter Terrain by mruk

As you can see there's a nice array of fences, stacks of logs, barrels and even some houses adding to a rather idyllic scene. Admittedly its's soon to be broken by bloodshed we imagine!

A full run-down of how all of this was created is on the post linked above and it shouldn't be too hard to replicate some of this for yourself!

Desolation Of Urethane Lane by gaist

Using urethane as his primary material for creating this terrain gaist worked on this wonderful set of Steampunk Terrain which made for a wonderful selection of ruins and that impressive clock tower too.

Urethane Lane by gaist

The chimney stack was one of the pieces that really drew our attention and the detail that was worked into all of the pieces was most impressive.

Frostgrave Scatter by dugthefug1644

Using all manner of pieces, from broken models to stuff from his bitz box, dugthefug was able to create some wonderful Frostgrave terrain that feels like it belongs in a wonderful Fantasy city. I mean look at that fallen clock!

Frostgrave Scatter Terrain by dugthefug1644

Some of the treasure markers were also impressive and we like the idea of dotting these around the landscape as interesting prizes to pick up.

Frostgrave Scatter Terrain (Treasure Tokens) by dugthefug1644

The forum post for this particular project is extensive and it's worth delving into the thread to find out how he was able to put all of these together.

Tyranid Scatter Terrain by onebitpixel

Moving to the world of Warhammer 40,000 onebitpixel explore the world of 3D printing with his project and these massive Tyranid pieces which would look good on an alien world.

Tyranid Scatter Terrain by onebitpixel

This created some wonderful pieces that would make any game board look dangerous and forboading. I like the idea of using them as spawning locations for your Tyranid hordes. Maybe you could even drop them into a city landscape to show the Tyranid invasion bubbling up from beneath.

Crashed Valkyrie by chosenman44

Finally we turn our attention to some more terrain for Warhammer 40,000 as we look at chosenman44's wonderful Crashed Valkyrie.

Crashed Valkyrie by by chosenman44

This once again creates a wonderful sense of narrative on the tabletop. All of the work that went into distressing the Valkryie came out very nicely indeed and the added bits of rubble tell the story of its destruction.

It immediatly offers up a wonderful scenario to play out and I think many of us are happy to try a desperate last stand against overwhelming odds.

Thank You!

Once again we want to thank ALL of the entrants who got involved with this Hobby Lab Open Challenge and we had a lot of fun judging the pieces. We hope to see your work in the next Fresh Water Challenge too!

Make sure to go and check out all of the work present here in their relative forum threads and hit up the Hobby & Painting Forum to share your own work too.

Happy Hobbying!

"What we liked about this was that he came up with something that adds a real sense of narrative to the tabletop..."

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Supported by (Turn Off)

"...hit up the Hobby & Painting Forum to share your own work too"

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