Red Beam Designs Sets Up A Collapsible Wild West Terrain Kit

April 4, 2017 by brennon

Red Beam Designs brings together a fantastic new terrain set for your Wild West tabletops. This is a collapsible MDF kit which enables you to build up a range of Wild West terrain pieces and then break them down when you need to transport it all.

Dimension West Collapsible Terrain #1

The set comes with a range of smaller buildings, trees, fences, boxes, a water tower, clock tower and some larger buildings too.

This is a rather good set which could be mixed with a mat allowing you to build up a Wild West tablescape without too much hassle. This can then be packed away inside this box you see below.

Dimension West (Terrain Packed Away)

As mentioned above, this could provide you with a nice set of terrain for travelling around to gaming clubs.

What do you think?

"This can then be packed away inside this box you see below..."

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