Wander Through A Stinky Shroom Grotto With Printable Scenery

October 24, 2019 by brennon

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Printable Scenery has now released all of the STL Files for you to start downloading and printing off their rather fun looking Shroom Grotto tiles and terrain for use in your tabletop games, be they skirmish battles, mass conflicts or dungeon delves.

Shroom Grotto Floors - Printable Scenery

They have got a lot of different elements from you to choose from to help make the perfect place for Goblins and other critters to call home. Above you can see the Shroom Grotto Floors and this expands to include the Shroom Grotto Walls which then help you to frame things on the tabletop too.

Shroom Grotto Walls - Printable Scenery

I love the way they've done the walls here to give them that quirky cartoony edge that seeps into the likes of goblin armies in Warhammer and the like. These also have a style which would probably work quite nicely when matched against the work by Tabletop Troubadour for Hagglethorn Hollow.

Perfect for a bit of dungeon delving there is also this set of Shroom Grotto Tunnels which do a bit of combining to create these elements that you see here and also work nicely with some of the more separate entries.

Shroom Grotto Tunnels - Printable Scenery

You'll also have noticed the big mushrooms dotted around. Well, you can also get those! Here we have one of my personal favourites, the Magic Mushrooms Cluster.

Magic Mushroom Clusters - Printable Scenery

There is a lot more for you to go and pick up but if you're interested in creating an underground location for your battles or a really High Fantasy landscape to clash in then this would be a great choice. I like the idea of using these to make an enchanted forest that your heroes are picking through.

What do you make of the work by Printable Scenery on the Shroom Grotto?

"I like the idea of using these to make an enchanted forest that your heroes are picking through..."

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