Take a Stroll Over Secret Weapon’s Rolling Fields

May 1, 2013 by dracs

Well the kickstarter for Secret Weapon's Tablescapes has brought us a scrapyard world and the streets of an urban warzone. What could be next? Why the Rolling Fields of the country of course.

Secret Weapon Rolling Fields

This set has a bit of depth added to it by the creek which can stretch the length of the tablescape if you so desire. Secret Weapon say that later they might bring out some river sets to expand it, but for now are sticking with a creek to avoid a river dominating the whole layout.

The kickstarter could also be bringing us some pieces of fortification for each of the various tablescapes.

Urban Streets Concrete Walls

Scrap Yard Fortifications

The Rolling Fields, when it is funded, is set to receive similar fortifications in the shape of stone walls which fit it's rural style.

Fancy funding a trip to their countryside on kickstarter?

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