Tabletop Art Leave the Walls in Ruin

August 19, 2013 by dracs

Tabletop Art have just released a new terrain set which will leave your table in ruins.  Fancy redecorating with some destroyed walls?

Tabletop Art Destroyed Walls

This set of destroyed walls contains different stretches of doorways and walls, each with a distinctly modern warfare style to them that would by no means look out of place in an urban sci-fi setting.

The pieces can be place together to form the outline of structures or scattered around the battlefield to allow for more areas of cover.

Tabletop Art Destroyed Doorway

Tabletop Art Destroyed Walls Segment

Tabletop Art Destroyed Walls Windows

With all those sandbags, bullet holes and of course the fact that they are destroyed, this terrain set just creates the perfect setting for a scene of utter carnage.

Will you leave your tabletop in Tabletop Art's ruins?

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