‘The Shire’ Real Terrain Hobbies STL Files Now On Kickstarter

October 20, 2021 by fcostin

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A few weeks ago on the Weekender, I and the team were in absolute awe over the incredible tabletop builds from Real Terrain Hobbies. Looking at the incredible board of the Shire for fans alike I and Ben, encouraging us to pack up our belongings, and move into a hobbit hole tomorrow.

The Shire - Ultra Realistic Wargaming Board // Real Terrain Hobbies

Ben gave a head's up that The Hillside Hamlet would be available on Kickstarter soon, containing 3D Printable Files of the exact same Halfling homes as part of that particular table build. And it is finally here!

The Hillside Hamlet is now live on Kickstarter, equipping you with the ability to turn your tabletop is a legitimate home for Hobbit-folk.

The Hillside Hamlet // Real Terrain Hobbies

Funded in one hour, and still 25 days left to go on the clock. Whether you are looking for one small halfling home or a whole table for an upcoming diorama - Real Terrain Hobbies have got you covered. With pledges starting at as little as £6 for a standalone halfling house, all the way up to roughly £39 for eight different Halfling houses, add-ons, scatter terrain and all unlocked stretch goals.

Scatter Terrain & Halfling House // The Hillside Hamlet

There are eight different types of halfling homes available, along with many different types of scatter. Including pumpkins, barrels, table kegs and many more Hobbit necessities!

There are plenty of stretch goals to make through as well, with quite a few unlocked adding more scenic pieces to the table - given they have already smashed their initial target of funding. There are still more to go with a stunning stone bridge, water mill and many more to be confirmed over the next 25 days of the campaign.

Sadly, I do not own a 3D Printer, however, seeing how easy it is to 3D print my own Shire - I wouldn't put it past me to make a cheeky purchase. Because who wouldn't want to construct Hobbiton...?

"There are eight different types of halfling homes available, along with many different types of scatter..."

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