Thomarillion Turn to Torture with their Latest Terrain

September 25, 2012 by brennon

If you're looking to add a little bit of grim darkness to your tabletop terrain then maybe this Torturous Table of terrifying tools will tempt you. Check out the piece below from Thomarillion...

Torture Table (Unpainted)

Torture Table (Painted)

As you can see the table contains a fair few devices used for causing pain on those unfortunate enough to be captured by the jailer. It immediately sparked my imagination!

How about when one of your poor warband members is captured in Mordheim he has been taken off by a Torturer looking to test his latest theories. You must burst in and try and save him while dealing with the horrifying creations he has made through his dangerous experiments. Could even let your modelling go wild and create some odd creature to be the Torturer!

Might also be a fun addition to a game of dark Carnevale!

Will you be picking this oddity up?

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