Thomarillion Have the Windows to your Soul

June 14, 2012 by brennon

Thomarillion have some more terrain accessories to help add to the character of your buildings. Check out their sets of windows below...

Prison Windows Set 1

Prison Windows Set 2

The first windows are for those prison or dungeon scenes. There is Set 1 with wider spaces between the bars, or Set 2 for a more closed off effect. Great for adding onto the side of a basic building set to give it a defended or dank feel.

Hall Windows

The other set is the Hallway collection which continues the same theme around the edge but with a blank interior for putting your own designs on. In this case they have gone for stained glass but you could fill it up with bricks for a blocked off and derelict look or just go wild and make it a normal window!

Will you be getting any of these to accessorise your buildings?

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