Thomarillion’s Orcs Make Camp And Steal Some Hobbitish Doors

December 7, 2012 by brennon

Thomarillion have always been great with their small terrain pieces, adding a nice level of character to your battlefields. This month is no exception with the release of some Orc Huts, as well as Round Doors and Windows for your discerning Halfling...

Orc Tent #1

Orc Tent #2

These Orc Huts would be perfect for making a themed board and have the nice ramshackle nature we've come to expect from greenskin builders. There's no reason these have to be just for Orcs though. A barbarian tribe could be just as at home in one of these.

Round Wooden Door

Round Wooden Windows

Perhaps in anticipation of The Hobbit, arriving in cinemas next week Thomarillion have also bought out these lovely pieces of wood work. Perfect for a Hobbit hole deep in the lush lands of The Shire, or a Halfling family in the Moot. The round windows could also be used for a more naval themed pirate den perhaps?

What do you think of these new terrain pieces?

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