TTCombat Battle Across Ace New Sector 4 Terrain Sets

November 12, 2019 by brennon

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TTCombat has been pushing the boat out with their range of very cool looking Sector 4 terrain which helps to build up tabletops for skirmishes and all sorts. A set of five new kits dropped recently and they look perfect for the likes of Necromunda and Kill Team.

Mega Turbine - TTCombat

We start a look at their terrain with this frankly ace looking piece of kit, the Mega Turbine. This immediately screams narrative gameplay to me and I could imagine gangs clambering all over it as the turbines spin up and they teeter on the edge, the blades whirring along below them. One wrong step, a stray grenade or a nudge could send your characters flying to their doom.

That is what I want to see from games of Necromunda. If you're not tying in loads of awesome story, narrative moments and the like into your miniatures, terrain and games at large then from my point of view you're doing it wrong. You should be looking to stage epic clashes and risking the lives of characters you've poured weeks of love into!

The same goes for this rather large Power Station kit which was also released. This also just oozes narrative, a story where perhaps one side has to rush up the side of this structure to get to the control room before their base is flooded with toxic sludge!

Power Station - TTCombat

Once again you could play around with the idea of height and risk here a lot. There are plenty of places where Gangers could find themselves fighting on the edge and you could even make certain areas of the gameboard into utter black pits of death where your characters could just vanish into the nothingness of the Underhive.

Connecting all of this you've got the likes of the Pipelines set which should be crisscrossing your tabletop to make it a warren of bleching steam, dripping ichor and more where the threat of ambush waits in every shadowy corner.

Pipelines - TTCombat

I love the idea once again of characters rushing along these pipes and risking a few slippering dashes in order to get the drop on an opponent or find the perfect sniping position where they can then rain down lead and lasers on their opponents.

A few more pieces are also available as part of the Sector 4 range which you can see HERE, all of which add another level of narrative awesomeness to your tabletops. This doesn't just have to be used for Necromunda either as it would work perfectly well across a lot of Near Future, Modern and Sci-Fi games.

What do you make of these pieces?

"One wrong step, a stray grenade or a nudge could send your characters flying to their doom..."

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