TTCombat Bring The Battle For Earth To The Big Apple

June 12, 2019 by cassn

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The Battle for Earth is looming, and the city which never sleeps finds itself under threat. Defend the heart of New York City, as TTCombat release new teaser images of their Big Apple terrain!


The first kit on offer is Midtown Academy and, if after-school specials and episodes of Buffy have taught me anything, in the event of an alien attack, the high schools of America are getting hit first. Luckily, there's usually an unlikely band of high school heroes inside, ready to utilize whatever sports equipment and science experiments are on hand to defeat their enemies!


Of course, it's not only American kids that face otherworldly peril, and the Battle for Earth will put the public transport system under greater threat than Doc Ock's train maintenance service. TTCombat have unveiled new High Line Straights and Curves which can accommodate tanks, walkers and infantry, allowing them a unique vantage point over the city. ttcombat3

These latest kits will be released on Friday 14th June, along with the rest of the TTCombat Battle for Earth range. So make sure you're not left unequipped for the coming apocalypse, and head over to their website now!

Will you be gearing up for the Battle for Earth? State your faction loyalty below!

"Defend the heart of New York City!"

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