TTCombat Unearth Tomb World Bases For Necron Armies

July 15, 2020 by brennon

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TTCombat has been showing off some of their new Tomb World Bases which would be great for use with the new Warhammer 40,000 Necrons by Games Workshop. They have designed small, large and even a flight base to match the Sci-Fi undead.

32mm Tomb World Bases - TTCombat.jpg

32mm Tomb World Bases // TTCombat

These bases show the old structures of a Necron Tomb World which is slowly but surely powering up. Despite being lost to the ages, the technology still hums with threat and you could imagine the clank of metal feet on the ground as the long-dead rise from their slumber.

50mm Tomb World Bases - TTCombat.jpg

50mm Tomb World Bases // TTCombat

As well as the smaller bases for your standard infantry, they have also designed larger bases which work for some of the monstrous machines that the Necrons can bring to the tabletop. In addition to that, you've also got the Flight Base which is useful for those creations that take to the skies.

Oval Flight Tomb World Base - TTCombat.jpg

Oval Flight Tomb World Base // TTCombat

This is a really nice collection of bases which would be fantastic for those looking to build up a fine fighting force of 9th Edition Necrons. With a little bit of weathering powder here and there across the bases to show the passage of time, they'd be a stunning option for new and old collectors.

What do you make of these Tomb World Bases?

"What do you make of these Tomb World Bases?"

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