Ultimate Tesla Power from CNC Workshop!

June 15, 2012 by brennon

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If only Tesla knew that his work would inspire so many Science Fiction stories. Well, his technology is heading to the tabletop from CNC Workshop with their new Tesla Towers...

CNC Tesla Towers

As you can see they look pretty fantastic. I love the platforms around the top of the tower since it would be great to have a bit of miniature scuffling around a crackling Tesla coil.

CNC Tesla Tower Unpainted

The terrain doesn't come with the ping pong ball attachment at the top as you can see but that's a pretty ingenious and inexpensive solution to crowning the terrain. There's no reason to include a ping pong ball either since you could fashion something else to sit on top if you wished.

Some pretty good looking terrain with plenty of uses in Sci-Fi and Steampunk gaming.

Will you add the Tesla Towers to your tabletop?

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