Travel To Vallis Mortis; Fat Dragon’s New 3D Printing Kickstarter

June 30, 2020 by brennon

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Fat Dragon Games is now live on Kickstarter with their new 3D Printing project for Vallis Mortis. The main focus of this campaign is on bringing this Fantasy realm to life by concentrating on the village of Dragonshire and some of the other locations from their campaign world.

Vallis Mortis Main Image - Fat Dragon Games.jpg

Check It Out - Vallis Mortis Main Kickstarter // Fat Dragon Games

Vallis Mortis, the valley of the dead, is a world which was created by the founder of Fat Dragon Games, Tom Tullis. This Kickstarter and future adventures into the fundraising world are going to be helping to build this campaign and setting to life.

Vallis Mortis Terrain #1 - Fat Dragon Games.jpg

Streets Of Dragonshire // Fat Dragon Games

The aim of the campaign is to provide backers with a selection of 3D Printable STL Files which can be used at home. You can back for the different components as well as full sets and then print off as many pieces of terrain as you like, a pretty awesome package for someone who might be a mega roleplay or skirmish game fan.

Vallis Mortis Terrain #2 - Fat Dragon Games.jpg

Planning In The Tavern // Fat Dragon Games

As well as creating the landscape around the village of Dragonshire, this campaign is also looking ahead to provide you options for diving to the Shadowgrove and unholy shrines of Vallis Mortis plus the terrifying and infested barrows of Barrowdeep. There is a lot coming out as part of this campaign for you to check out.

Vallis Mortis Terrain #3 - Fat Dragon Games.jpg

Setting Up Camp // Fat Dragon Games

The terrain that you can see above was printed off using both a Creality Ender 3 and Ender 5 3D Printing and all of it is modular and can be tweaked to fit your specific needs. The underlying techniques which make it playable is the DRAGONLOCK system which allows you to plug the terrain together in different ways. This is a well-known system which Fat Dragon Games has been using for years across the terrain range.

In addition to this, the terrain can also be printed in such a way to allow for you to get stuck in and light it up with flickering flames, torches on walls and warm hearths which are keeping the citizens of Dragonshire safe.

LED Lighting Your Terrain // Fat Dragon Games

There is a lot to like about this terrain and I love that they've been using all of their knowledge from previous campaigns and releases to bring together a set which is focused on developing the world of Vallis Mortis from the depths of Tullis' mind.

Pledge Packages - Fat Dragon Games

You can see how some of the different pledge options break down below, giving you a series of choices when it comes to how you want to build Dragonshire and Vallis Mortis.

Dragonshire Buildings - Fat Dragon Games.jpg

Dragonshire Buildings // Fat Dragon Games

Dragonshire Items - Fat Dragon Games.jpg

Dragonshire Items // Fat Dragon Games

Dragonshire Roofs - Fat Dragon Games.jpg

Dragonshire Roofs // Fat Dragon Games

Dragonshire Streets - Fat Dragon Games

Dragonshire Streets // Fat Dragon Games

There is a LOT for you to check out as part of this and plenty of different ways in which you can build it up. This just gives you a peek at some of the options they have for building Dragonshire but there is a lot more to come and you'll see. If you're interested in how this terrain can go together then here we have a little breakdown of its use...

Vallis Mortis Terrain Modular - Fat Dragon GAmes

Using Modular Terrain // Fat Dragon Games

It's very easy to make this terrain once you've got it off the printer so all you'd need to do is give it all a lick of paint and you'd be good to go!

Stretch Goals - Fat Dragon Games

When it comes to additional extras being unlocked as part of this campaign, Vallis Mortis has plenty more to offer in terms of terrain and characters too. Here are just some of their upcoming unlocks...

Adventurers Stretch Goal - Fat Dragon Games.jpg

Adventurers Stretch Goal // Fat Dragon Games

Shrine Of Orcus - Fat Dragon Games.jpg

Shrine Of Orcus // Fat Dragon Games

Dragonshire Villagers - Fat Dragon Games

Dragonshire Villagers // Fat Dragon Games

Light Em Up - Fat Dragon Games.jpg

Light 'Em Up // Fat Dragon Games

All of these packages give you a bunch of great terrain and miniatures which would be perfect for playing out tales within Vallis Mortis and beyond. I am particularly liking the look of the massive Shrine Of Orcus which would be fantastic for a big boss encounter towards the climax of a campaign.

Vallis Mortis - Fat Dragon Games

All of this, as we pointed out above, is tied into the realm that was dreamt up by Tom Tullis. The cover to the PDF guide that you get as part of being a backer (seen below) was painted by the fantastic Jeff Easley.

Vallis Mortis Cover - Fat Dragon Games

Vallis Mortis RPG Module // Fat Dragon Games

To give you an idea as to what is coming as part of the rest of this campaign and future releases, we have a map (I do like a good map)!

Vallis Mortis Map - Fat Dragon Games.jpg

Vallis Mortis Map // Fat Dragon Games

Make sure to take a deeper look at the campaign and tell us what you think about the collection. Will you be printing off this terrain at home and are you excited to check out the roleplaying module too?

Check It Out - Vallis Mortis Main Kickstarter // Fat Dragon Games

Tell us your thoughts below!

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