TTCombat Venture Inside The Abandoned Brownstone Building

October 23, 2017 by dracs

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TTCombat has released an Abandoned Brownstone building, giving you a place to hide in the apocalypse.

Abandoned Brown Store

Abandoned Brownstone

This narrow, multi-story building reminds me of some of the places you can explore in Fallout 4. With its boarded-up windows and crumbling brickwork, you could imagine it being a hideout for ghouls, or full of zombies just waiting to feast.

It could also fit well with a game of Wolsung, letting you depict one of the more dilapidated areas of Lyonesse.

Abandoned Brownstone Interior

Abandoned Brownstone Sections

TTCombat has put some good touches here, especially by making the dilapidated look carry over to the interior.

I would love to see some rules for skirmishing in here, where at any moment the floor might collapse or a wall fall in on you.

Which games do you think this would suit?

"You could imagine it being a hide out for ghouls, or full of zombies just waiting to feast..."

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