Walk Across Shattered Concrete With Kromlech’s New 32mm Bases

February 17, 2018 by dracs

Kromlech has released six new 32mm scale sets of their Concrete Slab bases with Set 1 here...

Concrete Slab Bases 1

...and following up with this one as well with Set 2.

Concrete Slab Bases 2

You can also shake things up with this in Set 3...

Concrete Slab Bases 3

And beyond that, since there are quite a few of them you can also check out Set 4Set 5 and Set 6 here.

Each of these bases provides a cinematic platform for your miniatures, showing them in the standing in the ruins of an urban wasteland.

I think these would suit Necromunda minis, as they do have that good feel of industrial desolation.

Would you use these bases?

"Standing in the ruins of an urban wasteland..."

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