Hunt Your Bounty As Part Of War Scenery’s Yar’Kassy Kickstarter

June 8, 2020 by brennon

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War Scenery is on Kickstarter right now with their campaign to bring us all a set of awesome Desert City & Stronghold terrain for our Sci-Fi wargames set in a world far, far away.

Yar Kassy Project - War Scenery.png

Yar'Kassy Kickstarter Campaign

The collection is looking to offer 3D Printable terrain, scatter and more for your Sci-Fi wargames. Everything here is themed to a certain world filled with laser swords and blasters but it could be used for a range of different games too.

The team at War Scenery has put together quite the collection here which covers a lot of standard dwellings through to larger houses, shops and then the stronghold which watches over it. So, if you're looking to chase down some rebel scum or perhaps infiltrate a secret base then this might be worth checking out.

War Scenery's Terrain Collection

Here are just a few of the different elements from this campaign which you'll be able to download and print off at home.

Small Desert House - War Scenery

Small Desert House

Desert Villa - War Scenery

Desert Villa

Desert Small Shop - War Scenery

Desert Small Shop

Stronghold Landing Tower - War Scenery.png

Stronghold Landing Tower

The campaign is already doing quite well and they have busted through their funding goal. Now they are looking to unlock more stretch goals and give you access to different options when building your pledges.

Characters & Printed Examples

As a bit of a showcase of their ideas, the team at War Scenery showed off some of the Bounty Hunters which are also included as part of this campaign.

Bounty Hunters - War Scenery.png

Bounty Hunters (Renders)

Then, they went and printed them off using the SLA method and they are looking pretty sharp. I reckon it's going to be just as good when it comes to seeing the finalised buildings too.

SLA Printed Miniatures - War Scenery.png

SLA Printed Bounty Hunters

If you're really into your Star Wars then I think this could be a campaign to take a look at. It's always nice to see ways that you can build these iconic locations from the universe and then have your armies battle over them. This would also be good for those looking to do a bit of roleplaying in this world too but with a bit of extra flare.

Free 3D Printable Files

To give you a chance to give this range a go, War Scenery has also put together two FREE printable files you can download from their Newsletter and Thingiverse to try at home before you back the campaign.

Free 3D Printing Building - War Scenery

War Scenery Free 3D Printable Files

So, give them a go and see how they turn out. If things work well then you might find yourself backing for some of the bundles on their campaign. We'd love to see how your work turns out if you do give these free files a go.

What do you think?

"We'd love to see how your work turns out if you do give these free files a go..."

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