Torture Chambers, Alchemists & Town Walls From Ziterdes

April 9, 2013 by brennon

Ziterdes have a whole bunch of new releases that will be adding a bit more of a story to your tabletop. Check out the selection of New Terrain below and click the link for a list of them all via the website...

Laketown Residence

Town Gate

First up we have some terrain for the larger boards out there. At the top is the Laketown House that wouldn't look out of place, and indeed is probably inspired by, The Hobbit and the upcoming movie Desolation of Smaug.

Below that is a big Town Gate that could be used for a smaller skirmish game with a bunch of bandits trying to force open the gate, or maybe it could be part of a bigger siege?

Alchemist's Shelf


Torture Chamber

Next up are some pieces for inside a dungeon or building. While the Bookshelf and Fireside would be perfect for a standard historical castle the Torture Chamber would most likely be a good feature for an eerie encounter underground in a Fantasy role-play setting.

Maybe the heroes would have to work out how to unshackle a poor soul without accidentally killing him!

Do any of these terrain pieces appeal to you?

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