Ziterdes Decorate Your Table With A Blacksmith & Alchemists Shop

December 4, 2012 by brennon

Some great terrain is out from the folks at Ziterdes. Check out both their Dwarf Blacksmith's Shop and Alchemist's Shelf below which can both adorn your battlefield...

Dwarf Blacksmith Shop

First up is the Blacksmith's Shop which has a cobbled together feel. It looks as if the Dwarf needed a bit more room to show off all his wares and so robbed the local forest of its timber to get it ship shape!

Alchemists Shelf

This Alchemist's Shelf on the other hand is for your interior terrain pieces like dungeons or towns. It's covered in scrolls, pots, skulls, books and more. Hopefully the right remedy will be hidden on its shelves somewhere!

Will you be grabbing either of these?

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