Terrible Kids Stuff Unveil Their Dangerous Dark Elf & Sneaky Snake

April 10, 2017 by brennon

Terrible Kids Stuff has added two new miniatures to their line up. One of them is from the world of Fantasy and the other would be at home rescuing people from a bombed out and dangerous New York City...

Dark Elf #1

Leading the way we have this lady Dark Elf who looks like she might be a little bit of a Sorcereress or Warlock. The sculptor of this 75mm piece is Juan Navarro Perez and she'd be fantastic for a painter or hobbyist to get stuck into, playing around with shades and more.

Dark Elf #2

The studio painting here by Marc Masclans is also superb and shows off what you might be able to achieve! For example, it's neat to see what you can with so many different shades of purple.


Ok, while it might not be that actual Snake this fellow here that might be familiar to you is another addition to their 35mm range so he could be used on the tabletop.

Snake #1

The sculpt for this particular model was done by Stéphane Camosseto and shows off a much chunkier style, which is what you want for something on the tabletop I reckon.

Snake #2

This particular paint job was done by John Keys and I think they've got the Hollywood look of the character down well. I'm sure with flowing locks like that this Snake is going to be welcome on someone's painting bench, before heading out to take down bad guys with those Uzis.

What do you think of their new characters?

"I think they've got the Hollywood look of the character down well..."

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