The Ninjas of Iga Slip From The Shadows Of Warlord Games

December 10, 2017 by dracs

Warlord Games have released a new set of metal minis to carry out stealthy assassinations in Test of Honour. These are the Ninjas of Iga.

Ninjas of Iga

Iga is one of the homes of ninjitsu, with the Iga-ryu school of the art stemming from here, along with the legendary ninja Hattori Hanzo.

These ninja are therefore a byword for stealth, espionage, and skill.


Ninjas of Iga Rules

Warlord have released the ninja as a box set of seven metal sculpts, carrying with them a wide variety of weaponry to help them overwhelm the enemy with their offensive capabilities.

They have also released a smaller blister set of three ninja for when you need to expand your team to get the job done.

Ninjas Blister

These ninjas look like they stepped straight out of a martial arts epic, a collection of sinister assassins who will prove more than a challenge for the samurai to face.

I actually went to Iga once (did I mention I went to Japan?) and saw the ninja museum there. The ingenuity that was shown was really impressive and it is easy to see why the ninja holds their place in pop-culture.

I just hope Warlord will one day include this ninja I met there.

Ninja Dog

He even had a little sword on his back!

Do you plan to call upon the services of the ninja of Iga?

"These ninjas look like they stepped straight out of a martial arts epic..."

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