Bikers, Cars & Even ‘Choppers’ Taking Shape For The Devil’s Run

August 10, 2015 by brennon

A whole range of new vehicles have taken shape for The Devil's Run: Route 666. There are a nice selection of models from different factions as well as characters in their own right. There's something for everyone here...

Four Wheels...

Kicking things off we have a look at some of the car options that are going to be available. This first image is for The Host which has an open boot too showing off what they've been hauling away as loot.


Car (Detail)

A slightly smaller car was also shown off, Nightdriver, The final piece will have miniguns on it too but they are not shown in this particular render. The neat drills on the wheels and the rockets mounted in the hood certainly show he means business.

Car (Alt)

Cars are cool and all but they aren't the only vehicles on offer when you hit the road in Devil's Run: Route 666.

Two Wheels...

A Haul's Angel Biker and Trike have also been shown off and these are very impressive. I think they've outdone themselves when it comes to these vehicles and the crew manning them look great too.



There is a nice range of models coming for this game. The Biker above is one of the models that you will get inside the main boxed game while the Trike is an add-on from the project.


Last but not least we have a look at this model for the Gyrocopter which is sans propellers at the moment. The pilot looks pretty mad though so I'm sure he would have things in hand even without the things that help it fly.


I actually thought this was a small plane when I first saw it. You have to admire the ingenuity of these mad post-apocalyptic warbands to come up with vehicles like this.

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"A Haul's Angel Biker and Trike have also been shown off and these are very impressive..."

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