New Vehicle Renders Drive Out On The Devil’s Run

January 5, 2017 by dracs

Word Forge Games have recently unveiled a couple of new renders for their game of vehicular post-apocalyptic road rage The Devil's Run.

Leading the chase, we have the Law Biker WIP.

Law Biker

Part of The Law Haulage Company faction, this new biker promises to be part of the upcoming starter set. She's looking pretty bad ass, definitely someone you could picture fighting off road bandits.

Speaking of bandits, The Law Biker is closely followed by a car we only know as Bandit.


This car, though obviously battle damaged, is relatively sleek compared to some of the other vehicles in Devil's Run. I imagine it will be joining either The Law Haulage Company or The Freelancers.

Both of these are fairly promising miniatures, but I do wonder how well they will hold up when faced with The War Rig.

Devil's Run Truck

Now that is a beast!

What do you think of Devil's Run's new vehicles?

"Definitely someone you could picture fighting off road bandits..."

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