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How The Doomed Was Made; Minimalist Mechanics & Narrative Wargames | The Doomed Week


Gerry sits down with the designer of Osprey Games' The Doomed, Chris McDowall and discusses the philosophy he had when bringing the game to life. We dive into his previous gaming and writing experience and how The Doomed became a minimalist system which still brings complexity and flavour to a world in the midst of an apocalypse.

The Doomed Mini-Campaign Finale! Claiming The Uncorrupted Waters | The Doomed Week


In this final game of our mini-campaign for Osprey Games' The Doomed, we find a rare beauty spot within this blasted and apocalyptic world. The uncorrupted water here is of value to both warbands leaders. A terrible monster threatens to ruin all of their plans though!

The Doomed Campaign Gets Explosive! Bringing Down The Flesh Titan | The Doomed Week


In the third campaign game for Osprey Games' The Doomed, the Reborn Coven led by Gerry blaze a trail to the Red Lark's territory. Shay's Inheritor Courts have mined the area around the ruins though so things are going to get explosive!

How To Kitbash Miniatures For The Doomed! | The Doomed Week


In this video, with the release of The Doomed, we show off how to kitbash miniatures for Osprey Games' new skirmish wargame using a variety of techniques. Join us for a kitbashing tutorial where Gerry shows off how he built one of the miniatures from his Reborn Coven warband.

The Doomed; Battle For The Towers – We Face The Nightmare Twin Leapers! | The Doomed Week


Gerry and Shay clash once again as the mini-campaign for Osprey Games' The Doomed continues. The Ex-Men face the Red Larks in the Conflict, Vantage. Two imposing towers loom over the land and whoever holds the tops will be victorious. The battle for the towers begins!

How To Play The Doomed! New Osprey Games Wargame – Can We Survive The Devourer? | The Doomed Week


In the first of this week's The Doomed mini-campaign games, we show you how to play The Doomed as Gerry's Reborn Covens led by Warleader Striker take on the last bastion of humanity with Shay's Stevie G and the Inheritor Courts.

What Is The Doomed? A Kitbashing Dream! Chris McDowall & Ana Polanšćak Interview | The Doomed Week


Just what is The Doomed from Osprey Games? Check out our interview with Chris McDowall, the creator and designer of The Doomed and Ana Polanšćak who helped inspire the theme and visual style of the game with her work on kitbashing miniatures.

Osprey’s The Doomed Coming Soon – Get Your Pre-Orders In!


The Doomed is coming very soon from the folks at Osprey Games! 3rd August will be your time to get stuck in and start monster hunting in an apocalyptic world and the folks behind the game have been sharing some insight into what awaits you.

Four New Wargames Coming This Year From Osprey Games!


Osprey Games has announced that four new wargaming books are going to be landing later this year from a variety of different creators. We start with the one that we saw teased recently, The Doomed. 

Osprey Reveal The Doomed! Quick Horror Sci-Fi Skirmish Wargaming


Osprey Games has announced a new quick and rules-light Sci-Fi skirmish wargame with a Horror twist. The Doomed is coming out later this year from Chris McDowall in June and will have you diving into a bit of Apocalyptic Horror Hunting!

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