The Great War Gets An Expansion; Tank From The Plastic Soldier Company

April 13, 2016 by stvitusdancern

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The Plastic Soldier Company has its first expansion for The Great War Board Game and if you guessed it had something to do with tanks, then you are right!

The Great War Board Game

The game based on the popular Command and Colours did well on Kickstarter and now they are ready to bring the first expansion rumbling onto the battlefield. The Tank exapansion contains new tiles and counters as well as a booklet containing 16 scenarios covering the battles when tanks came into the war.

The Great War: Tank Expansion

The expansion also comes with the following tanks primed and with decals:

  • 2 x British MK IV males
  • 2 x British MK IV females
  • 2 x German A7Vs

Also available will be A7Vs, MKIV males and females as single model booster packs along with the acrylic transparent raised artillery targeting templates.

I am looking forward to seeing this at Salute when we are roving about the hall filming and talking to people, so make sure you follow our coverage of Salute 2016.

Have you played The Great War board game?

"...make the battles even more impressive."

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