Add More Characters To Your Tale In The Hobbit

April 1, 2013 by brennon

If you've been buoyed by the recent Desolation of Smaug previews and want more Hobbit goodness then check out these new pre-orders from Games Workshop...

Gandalf The Grey & Bilbo Baggins

Gollum with Fish

First up we have the Gandalf and Bilbo set alongside the little Gollum vignette where he is playing with his most recent catch. I quite like the Gandalf and Bilbo pairing where they are standing, or indeed leaping into action.

Captain of Erebor


In the next batch you have a Captain of Erebor and Thrain fresh from their defense of Erebor or maybe fighting to retake it from the deadly Orc forces that swarm around it.

As you might imagine I do like this pair, especially the Captain of Erebor. I like his valiant pose and his battle weary state.

Captain of Dale

Lastly we have the Captain of Dale done in the new Eastern style that we saw in the movie. Most of the model looks fine but something is a bit odd when it comes to the head. I find his expression a little odd and the stance a bit wooden.

Overall though it's a good haul of miniatures for The Hobbit so you can keep building your collection.

Which is your favourite?

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