Add More Heroes To The Hobbit: Strategy Battle Game

January 28, 2013 by brennon

It wasn't just Warriors of Chaos that got an update of models this weekend but the world of The Hobbit too. Check out some of the new models that are on advance order from Games Workshop...

Grim Hammers

Knights of Rivendell

First up we have the Grim Hammers and the Knights of Rivendell. I liked both of these units when I saw them in the movie, especially the Grim Hammers (no surprise there I bet!). They look pretty awesome I have to say, and I like the mass of flowing cloaks on the Knights.

The Grim Hammers are simple but they work as dour battle-worn warriors. I'm fairly sure I know what my next purchase is going to be for my small Dwarf contingent.

Radagast the Brown with Sebastian


Next up are some heroes for the people of Middle-Earth. I like Radagast with his little hedgehog friend even though he is rather hard to spot! Elrond too is looking good, and far more commanding. The one thing with him however is that he doesn't look like Hugo Weaving, at least not to me.

Goblin King Throwing Goblin


It seems like the Evil side are getting a selection of heroes, or indeed villains, to lead their forces into battle. The Goblin King is an alternative sculpt that many spotted a while ago in the rulebook, but will people be that interested in picking him up if they already have the main boxed game?

Yazneg is looking rather cool, although he is a bit oddly stood when you look at the on-foot version. I do prefer his mounted version, especially since the Wargs look better than the ones from Lord of the Rings.

What do you think of these new Hobbit miniatures?

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